The Agios Nikolaos Chapel is located in the area of Alassa in the Limassol district.

The church is dedicated to the Saint Nikolaos and it was built in 1936. What is different about this chapel is that it appears to us only a few times during the year. This occurs due to the fact that the chapel is built in a location where it becomes covered in water when the water level from the Kouri Lake fills up. When the Kouri Dam overflows only the church bell tower can be seen, creating a unique and majestic view.

The largest part of the Alassa area was covered by the water of the Kouri Dam which is also the largest dam in Cyprus. The residents of the community were forced to move to a higher location towards the north of the original settlement. Even though the village is immersed under water there is a hidden treasure filled with antiquities and a long history of legends and traditions.

The archaeological excavations which have been done by the Department of Antiquities brought to light a residence of the 5th century A.D (Late Roman period) , as well as the ruins of a larger settlement of the Late bronze age ( 1650- 1050 B.C).).

Mosaics with the Goddess Aphrodite were also found in the area and are now housed at the Limassol District Archaeological Museum. In 1988 a seminar took place at the University of Cambridge, while in 1993 the findings were on display at the American Archaeological institute in Washington. Other exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra also took place.

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agios nikolaos alassa
agios nikolaos alassa
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