The Dam of Xyliatos is one of the most well-known sites in the village which is why many local and foreign tourists visit the village of Xyliatos. The village of Xyliatos is located in the district of Nicosia. The dam is built in an area of peace with a unique beauty surrounding it.

The capacity of the dam is 1.420.000 cubical metres of water (m ³). The height of the dam is 42 metres, its length is 155 metres, its volume is 240.00 cubical metres and its surface is 96 square metres (m²).

It was built during the 80’s, in particular in 1980 and 1982 during the Plans for the Agriculture Development of Pitsilia. Its purpose was the irrigation of 306 hectares of cultivated land for vegetables, olives, citrus and fruit trees.

The dam is located south of the community and as described by the Great Cypriot Encyclopaedia, it is built on the Lagoudera River  off the  Elia River, at a distance of 2 kilometres south of the village.

The most idyllic image appears at the eyes of each visitor while looking at the waters of the lake. In particular, the pine trees and the wild vegetation of the mountains hug the dam and are mirrored in the waters of the lake creating a painting. This magical view can be seen by following the surrounding path or sitting at the benches around the dam.

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